GIE Intra offers a wide range of jobs to fulfill its missions

Establish a fleet of teleoperated vehicles to intervene in the event of a nuclear accident

Our Project Engineers :

  • Support projects to develop or evolve the means of intervention and technical integration of various equipment (indoor robots, outdoor robots, public works vehicles, measuring instruments, etc.),
  • Manage hardware changes, especially the development and integration of functional or hardware changes
  • Provide processing solutions to the technological and / or industrial obsolescence of the materials in fields as varied as mechanics, electromechanics, electronics, transmissions, automation or computing

Operating and Maintaining Robots and Equipment

The Technical Department is responsible for maintenance and periodic testing of robots, pilotage equipment and associated logistics equipment.

Our Engineers :

  • Plan activities to ensure the availability of the fleet
  • Monitor and control subcontractors (contracts, prevention plan, set-up)
  • Approve and record the operations
  • Participate in the study of modifications and evolutions, testing and reception of new robots

Our Technicians :

  • Participate in the equipment technical follow-up,
  • Write technical documents (specifications, order proposals, periodic tests, operating procedures, etc.)
  • Prepare and schedule maintenance and modification activities
  • Provide, organize and monitor provider interventions
  • Look for quick solutions in the event of equipment breakdowns,
  • Perform maintenance, periodic testing and re-qualification
  • Participate in the study and implementation of modifications