Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)


Description - Missions

UAVs operate outside building with the following missions :

  • Monitoring radiation levels
  • Visual reconnaissance
  • Accompanying and monitoring machines on ground missions
  • Locating heat sources with the infra-red camera
  • Retrieving or laying measurement sensors

Radiadrone is a software for gamma detectors' data processing. At the end of a mission, data are digitally processed (Krigeage) to elaborate a dose rate isovalues map with or without altitude correction.The software can exports results in formats compatible with Geographical Information Systems.

Control station

The equipment necessary to control the UAVs (Personal Computer, "cockpit" software, transmitter and screen) has been integrated inside a van equipped with a power generator and a mast supporting a telescopic antenna.

The control station enables full immersion flight as well as transportation of two pilots and all supporting equipment towards the damaged site.


There are a variety of missions for the UAVs, as long as payload limits are complied with.

The following equipment is used for specific missions :

  • A high-resolution gyro-stabilized camera with integrated zoom that can operate both in the visible and infrared spectrum to conduct highly-detailed visual reconnaissance missions
  • A light-weight high-resolution camera in the visible spectrum, without zoom, to assist in controlling the machines while taking measurements
  • Sensors/detectors for monitoring radioactivity

Manufacturer's specifications