The analysis of accident scenarios and experience feedback has resulted in the production of intervention standards and then the definition of human and equipment resources to successfully conduct them.

As a result, Groupe INTRA has build up a fleet of equipment including:

  • Indoor robots capable of entering buildings and operating inside
  • Outdoor vehicles for visual reconnaissance environmental characterisation and interventions outside the damaged unit
  • Remotely-controlled civil engineering machines (a bulldozer and a digger) with a shielded control station that protects the operators from radiological risks
  • An airborne gamma spectrometry system installed beneath a helicopter (HELINUC) and Unmanned Aerial Vehicules that can make observations and take radiological measurements
  • A radiation monitoring system using gamma-ray probes which transmit data back to the control statio,
  • Llogistical support equipment (power generators, fuel, workshop, and other logistical supplies) to keep the INTRA Group mission control running
  • Communication equipment for transmitting information, measurements and videos to the nuclear operators’ crisi/emergency organisations and to the IRSN (Radioprotection and Nuclear Safety Institute)

Human Resources

  • 21 permanent staff seconded from EDF, CEA and AREVA (shareholders companies).
  • 12 non permanent staff, working on shareholders companies sites, trained in operating inddor and outdoor robots. Thet are on call and can be mobilised in case of crisis